Visio.Sale is a website widget which helps customers to have a look at finish materials in different layout patterns, ways of laying and in 3D models of existing construction projects.

Simply visualize finish materials on the website

Our digital showroom guarantees increase of purchase conversion rate by more than 15%.

The main problems of finish materials distance selling for customers

  • It is difficult to imagine the material usage in different patterns considering joints
  • It is difficult to imagine whether the material fits the interior/exterior design
  • It is difficult to understand the design of drawings/texture scaling on the materials

What is

Our widget easily integrates the texture of the materials from your product assortment; all you need to do is to provide .jpeg pictures. It takes just one day to install the widget and the very next day your customers will be absorbed in making visualization of their materials.
It will take only two clicks for the customers to try and see finishing with a number of joints and the methods of laying. This is the way to increase sales and promote your website to the top results of web search.

Digital showroom with unlimited possibilities!

The service technical functionality

Rich functionality
User friendly UI
Easy integration
Integration with a calculator
Integration with a mobile application

Rich functionality

Visio. sale will help customers to visualize any finish material. Only two clicks are enough to try any combination/ratio along with a different color of joints using different patterns. Also, feel free to check the interior/exterior design in combination with furniture, people, etc.

User friendly UI

Simple interface with vivid graphics has been optimized to adjust to smartphones/tablets

Easy integration

To integrate with your assortment materials simply fill in an excel template with links to material pictures (.jpeg, etc.). We will provide you with technical support at all stages of the widget integration.

Integration with a calculator

In case, besides visualization, you need to calculate the amount of the materials to be used you can use, our calculator of construction materials which is easily integrated with

Integration with a mobile application widget can be either used as a mobile application or integrated as a module to a ready-made mobile application.
Available for any CMS and self-made websites
WordPress, Drupal, Tilda, Joomla, OpenCart, WIX and any other

Customers & Cases

We specialize in developing construction-related programs.
Our work is appreciated by major manufacturers.

Choose your plan

Lite version
Basic version
Corporate version
Number of goods
Up to 80
Up to 500
Number of goods categories (tiles, laminated flooring, bricks, etc.)
Up to 3 goods categories
3D model view mode
Without 3D
With 3D mode
With 3D mode
Individual patterns and color of joints
Adding of patterns/joints
Individual 3D models of interior/exterior design
Adding of individual 3D models
Cost of subscription* in $/month
* Additional services – we can fill in the widget with your product assortment and prepare .jpeg textures

Why is more efficient than any widget of your own design?

Cost of any other similar application development starts from $5000. In case of a standard rate it is equal to seven years of subscription. So, what is more efficient? We believe that the subscription is better in terms of the sum of money paid and the time and efforts invested. is an app helping your customers to choose, calculate, and order construction supply in your store. The app will increase your conversion rate by 5% and your average profit by 15%

Do you need a construction spply calculator on your web-site?

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